Our Team

Dr. Douglas Ortyn

Doctor of Chiropractor

Hello and Welcome! I’m Dr. Ortyn. As your chiropractor my plan is to provide quality care through evidence-based practices which puts you first while prioritizing your needs. No matter the circumstances my goal is to provide you with the proper care to ensure pain relief and optimal wellness.

I individualize care for each and every one of my patients by getting to know your history and current physical wellness. In treatment I utilize spinal and extremity chiropractic adjustments, a variety of soft tissue techniques, and movement patterns all designed to target your specific needs as a patient. This is done by providing in-office treatment and tools you can use at home to better manage your condition.

Cecily Richey 

Massage Therapist

Hello! My name is Cici! I received my license 8 years ago from Anthem College. I’ve worked for spa’s and as independent contractor, but my love lies with the medical and natural healing. I chose to work with a chiropractor because I love helping the body heal. My techniques include therapeutic, Swedish, deep tissue, cranial sacral, reflexology, and trigger point therapy.

Massage has helped me become more aware of my body through anatomy, physiology, feel and touch. It has helped me get in tune with the energies and changed my lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle and I hope to help you as well.

Brandy Spradlin

Massage Therapist

Hello Everyone,

My name is Brandy Spradlin. I’ve been practicing massage for 16 years and absolutely love it! As silly as it sounds, my inspiration for massage came from the character Phoebe Buffay from the show Friends. Phoebe’s character was a massage therapist who added a vitality to her practice that made it seem so much fun. After delving into the profession myself, I discovered this similar enjoyment. I’m always enticed and truly find joy practicing massage therapy; the body is a never ending puzzle.

My Techniques Include:


-Deep Tissue

-Trigger Point Therapy

-Gua Sha

-Abdominal Work

I eagerly look forward to extending help and supplying my services to everyone!